The Event

Night to Shine 2022 will be an amazing Shine Thru Parade and Virtual Celebration. A Shine Thru Parade is a drive thru version of Night to Shine! You will get to drive down the red carpet, enjoy music, dancing, opportunities to have your picture taken, beautiful decorations, special guests and more. Following the Shine Thru Parade, you will head home and be able to join other honored guests around the world for an unforgettable Night to Shine Virtual Celebration. As you watch, you’ll enjoy a virtual walk down the red carpet, karaoke, dancing, special guests and of course, a crowning ceremony where you will be crowned as a king or queen of the prom! We will provide you with a link to the Virtual Celebration as we get closer to Night to Shine so that you are ready to celebrate.


Please know that this decision was not made lightly and has come through extensive prayer, discussions, counsel-seeking, and conversations with families and medical professionals.



We hope and pray that this is unifying for the Church in Wayne County!  This event takes lots of loving and caring people to pull off and we would love to see every church in Wayne County partner together for this awesome event.  Please contact us if you would like to be involved. Your church would be listed as a sponsor on this website. 



We plan to make this night unforgettable and to do that we need support. Please contact us if your business is willing to support this event with donated materials, volunteers or financial support. Your business would be listed as a sponsor on this website.